Unger Messer - Knives and spare parts for the printing and packaging industry

The UNGER product range ...


... is extremely diverse and covers almost every demand for knives and spare parts in the printing and packaging industry, especially for folding tools of every manufacturer. The manufacturing program ranges from cutting knives, circular cutters, folding tools to doctor blades, pin screws, cutter bars and cutting and transport rings. Serrated knives of all designs for cross cutting and perforation, as well as for punching paper, foil and packaging materials are the company’s main focal point. All cutters are made of highly alloyed Swedish steels and can also be supplied with special coatings.

Machinery includes state of the art CNC-machines which guarantee the highest level of precision in the manufacturing process. There is a great range of cutting knives in various tooth pitches and diverse perforation distances available for cutting and perforating of plastic and metal foils. Apart from this, different types of coating for specific application purposes are available, such as e.g. hard-chrome plating, Teflon coating and hard plating.

With regard to the tooth pitch, UNGER can offer the finest gradations suited entirely to the customer’s demands. Development of the finest toothing offers considerable advantages for customers as entire work processes can be shortened or even completely cut out in this way: an essential contribution to streamlining and cost reduction.

The extensive range of folding tools can fulfil every wish. UNGER offers spare parts for all folder types. Special versions of various rotogravure printing machines of all brands are in particular demand. Special Jaw-blades are made from titanium alloy with low weight and high strength for extremely fast running machines. The folding flaps used can be provided with special coatings, such as metal powder, sapphire, plasma, ceramic or Vulkollan.