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Climate protection and efficiency

environmental protection

Every day our sun delivers huge amounts of potential energy, which far exceed what we need - even here in Germany. Photovoltaics make it possible for us to generate power directly from solar power. One major advantage of solar power is that it can be generated from a decentralised location and used directly on location. This not only relieves the burden on power networks but makes companies independent from fossil fuels.

Bruno Unger GmbH & Co KG has been moving consistently and successfully in this direction since 2009. A large proportion of the power required for production in the company is covered cleanly and efficiently by environmentally friendly solar power from an extensive photovoltaics system. This investment will soon have paid itself off.

An electronic diagram in the administrative building of Unger Messer clearly shows everyone the current values of CO2 saved, illustrating that economical and ecological interests can indeed be harmonised.